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Sombra, olha o teste dos motores ai.

Slot Car News Motor List

Updated 1/31/2011: Slot Car Express Fyrebox-1 (SH-030) RPM and torque tested.

1/8/11: Pioneer slim can and more FC-130 data.

12/26/10: Fly F1 FF-050 RPM tested by Phil Kalbfell.

12/12/10: Sloting Plus Speed-2 RPM and torque tests by Torquemadaslot.

12/6/10: Fly Slot FC-130 RPM tested 36,473 RPM/12v.

11/28/10: Two more JWL/JJ Slot RPM tests.

11/5/10: JWL Slot (importer) Jiada and JJ Slot RPM tests.

10/28/10: Scaleauto SC0025 (FK-180) RPM and torque added;

Nine Rev-Mono, MRRC slim cans' RPM and torque tested;

AMT vintage, purple can FT-36D RPM tested;

Slot.It Flat 6-R RPM tested.

10/16/10: Carrera 1/24 standard and Tuning "24k" RPM tested.

10/14/10: JK Falcon VII RPM and torque tested.

10/13/10: Pro Slot Euro Mk 1 "26k" and TSR D3 RPM and torque tested.

9/12/10: Link to Criccrac, a Spanish shop with lots of motors, some unavailable in the USA/Canada, with performance specs:


9/1/10: Slot.It blue/teal endbell "19.5k" motor tested 21,025 RPM/12v.

7/29/10: MSC Thunder long-can (FK-180) tests by Torquemadaslot added.

7/28/10: Carrera F1, KTM X-Bow slim can (FF-050) torque tested.

5/31/10: Sloting Plus Speed 2 long can (FK-180) RPM and torque added.

5/29/10: Carrera F1, KTM X-Bow slim can (FF-050) RPM tested.

4/18/10: Vanquish MG long can RPM and torque tested.

3/29/10: SCX RX-42B RPM and torque tested.

3/18/10: Pioneer Typhoon 18k RPM and torque tested.

3/2/10: NINCO NC-14 "Speeder+" RPM and torque added.

2/26/10: NSR King 21 "Evo 2" RPM and torque tests from Torquemadaslot.

2/4/10: Colgate Motion toothbrush motor (FK-180) RPM and torque tested.

1/19/10: NINCO NC-12 "Crusher+" RPM and torque added.

1/18/10 Team Slot TS-11 (FK-180) RPM and torque added.

1/16/10: Parma Super 16D torque and RPM tested.

1/15/10: NSR King "16,800" torque and RPM tested.

1/10/10: Scaleauto "new version" RPM and torque from 2009 catalog #7. Twelve motors changed, although part numbers remain the same.

Colgate Motion FK-180 toothbrush motor (foreground) with four similar performing FK-180 motors behind:
Three Radio Shack small motors (FF-030) with a Scalextric standard FC-130 type behind:
BWA NC1-spec motors; slim can in foreground (FF-050), standard cans in background (FC-130). Motors and pinions donated by BWA:
Mainline Hobbies Rush 36k (FC-130), which tested above its specs for RPM and torque. Motors donated by Mainline Hobbies:
Ninco NC-8 in foreground (FK-130), with green inductor in motor lead. NC-1 (torn label) behind. NC-8 donated by Electric Dreams:
Slot.It Black Can (left), Slot.It Blue Endbells (right). Black Can donated by Fantasy World:
Ranch Design GM series motors; small box SH-030 (left), slim can (right). Small box donated by Ranch Design:
Scaleauto 20k ball bearing motors; standard FC-130 (left), long can FK-180 (right). Motors donated by MRRC/Scaleauto:


The Slot Car News Motor List provides motor specifications for people wishing to build cars, write rules, create slot car classes, study motors, or just look at data. The Motor List is created, researched, written, and maintained by Robert Livingston, and is independent of any manufacturer or commercial entity.
Motors are listed alphabetically by name of importer or distributor, not the actual manufacturer. Most motors are made by Mabuchi (for Fly, Ninco, Scalextric); Sun (for Carrera, SCX, Slot.It), or others. Vintage motors are in a sub-category under "V", at the end of the list.
RPM and torque data is at 12 volts, for purposes of comparison. If we do not have 12v data from the manufacturer or our own tests, we have extrapolated it from 14.8 or other voltages. This method is accurate within a few percent. [RPM/voltage, or gcm/voltage, extrapolated from RPM or torque at another voltage, is reported in brackets].
Motors are tested for RPM and torque turning clockwise (CW) looking forward at the motor as if it were in an inline car, unless noted counter-clockwise (CCW).
RPM ratings are no-load at voltage, as reported by the manufacturer or distributor (no-load RPM is the maximum a motor will develop). “Est.” means “estimated”. “Tested” means at least one sample was tested for RPM at the listed voltage, under no load, with this tachometer: www.checkline.com/tachometers/CDT-1000HD
The tach reads the RPM by shining a red light on a spinning disc on the motor shaft. The disc has a piece of reflective tape attached:
If an RPM range is given, two or more motors were tested. Tested RPM is in red. Tests are done after two to four minutes of running at 12v, no load, in order to get the motor up to operating temperature.
Torque ratings are at stall, reported as “gcm” (gram centimeters) at voltage (stall torque is the maximum a motor will develop). Vintage motor torque data was found in inch-ounces, so a conversion factor of 1 in-oz = 72 gcm was used. Most torque data is manufacturer’s data; only limited tests of torque have been done by us. Tested torque is in red. A 1 cm, counterbalanced torque arm is secured to the motor shaft, with a push rod against a gram scale. Nine equally spaced readings around a single revolution of the armature are taken at 4 volts; the average is multiplied by 3, to derive 12v stall torque. This simple device is shown here:
Torque test results may vary from manufacturer's claims, as different methods are used by different manufacturers to assess torque. In limited cases, Amp (A) ratings at 12v are listed, which are roughly equivalent to torque, so that two RPM versions of a given motor with the same Amp draw may develop the same torque.
The last data given for each motor is maximum power output, in Watts (W), at 12 volts. Power is derived from both RPM and stall torque. Maximum power is produced at around half the max RPM, where torque is also halved. The formula used is:

((Max RPM/2)*(max torque/2))/100,000 = Watts

Or, stated in words, "The product of half the max torque times half the max RPM, divided by 100,000, yields max power, in Watts." To convert Watts to Horsepower, divide Watts by 746 (746 Watts equal 1 HP).

Slot.It V12/3 "orange end bell" rated 21,500 RPM/12v, and 170 gcm torque at 12v.

((21,500RPM/2)*(170gcm/2))/100,000 = ? Watts

((10,750RPM)*(85gcm))/100,000 = ? Watts

913,750/100,000 = ? Watts

= 9.1 Watts


9.1/746 = .012 HP

The formula is standard; please note that this power formula only applies to electric motors; it does not apply to gasoline or diesel, internal combustion engines! The conversion factor for Watts was given to us by Maurizio Ferrari, of Slot.It.
An excellent explanation of small DC motor performance may be found at:


Generic designation (in parentheses) is based on Mabuchi designations:

(FC-130) is the standard slot car motor, sometimes called Mabuchi or S type.

(FK-130) is the Fox or TSRF type.

(FK-180) is the Boxer or long can type.

(FF-050) is the slim, long can F1 type.

(FF-030) is the slim, short can such as SCX 1/43 Compact.

(SH-030) is the small box type.

Motors of the same type can usually be interchanged in their specific chassis brackets, although the shaft lengths may not be the same.
In the photo below, one of each type is illustrated. Counter-clockwise from upper right, they are: Slot.It Boxer 2 (FK-180), Scalextric Moto Bike and F1 (FF-050), Plafit Fox (FK-130), Slot.It V12/3 (FC-130), Fly and Scalextric "black stripe" standard (FC-130), and two vintage motors; Cox TTX-250 (FT-36D), and Pittman DC-195A (open frame, single magnet).
To distinguish similar types, the color of the motor case, label, or endbell is listed in quotes, for example, "red endbell".
Ninco Kart, Pink Kar small box, and Pink Kar FC-130 motor RPM is from Racebaan, a Dutch site with photos and data for many motors:


Some torque and RPM tests are by Torquemadaslot, using methods similar to those of the Slot Car News Motor List, and are so credited.


Artin "white endbell" (FC-130) more common version tested 13,100 RPM/12v

Artin "white endbell" (FC-130) less common version tested 26,200 RPM/12v

Artin "yellow endbell" (FC-130) tested 24,600 RPM/12v

Auto Art "red stripe" (FC-130) 26,000 RPM/12; tested 27,360 RPM/12v

Auto Art "black stripe" (FC-130) tested 26,675 RPM/12v

Avant Slot Hunter "green" (FK-180) [20,270 RPM/12v] 25,000 RPM/14.8v

[308 gcm/12v] 380 gcm/14.8v, 15.6W/12v, 11 gr. magnetic downforce.

Avant Slot Hurricane "orange" (FK-180) [21,892 RPM/12v] 27,000 RPM/14.8v; tested 23,751 RPM/12v

[308 gcm/12v] 380 gcm/14.8v, 16.9W/12v, 8 gr. mag dnf.

Avant Slot Master "light green" (FK-180) [20,270 RPM/12v] 25,000 RPM/14.8v, 3 gr. mag. dnf.

Avant Slot Speed "red" (FK-180) [28,378 RPM/12v] 35,000 RPM/14.8v, 6 gr. mag. dnf.

Avant Slot Endurance "yellow" (FK-180) [17,838 RPM/12v] 22,000 RPM/14.8v, 1 gr. mag dnf.

Avant Slot Hunter 4x4 RS "white" (FK-180) [20,270 RPM/12v] 25,000 RPM/14.8v, 11 gr. mag. dnf.

Avant Slot Hunter 4x4 CS "black" (FK-180) [20,270 RPM/12v] 25,000 RPM/14.8v, 11 gr. mag. dnf.

Avant Slot Republic "violet" (FK-180) 25,000 RPM/12v(?), 7 gr. mag. dnf.

Avant Slot Mag Motor "blue" (FC-130) [21,892 RPM/12v] 27,000 RPM/14.8v

[405 gcm/12v] 500 gcm/14.8v, 22.2W/12v, 44 gr. mag. dnf.

Avant Slot Wizard "gold" (FC-130) [20,270 RPM/12v] 25,000 RPM/14.8v, tested 20,100 RPM/12v by Torquemadaslot

tested 138 gcm/12v by Torquemadaslot, 7.2W/12v, 4 gr. mag. dnf.

Avant Slot Hercules "pink" (FC-130) [21,892 RPM/12v] 27,000 RPM/14.8v, 6 gr. mag. dnf.

Avant Slot Sprint "yellow" (FC-130) [28,378 RPM/12v] 35,000 RPM/14.8v, 4 gr. mag. dnf.

Beardog Racing/ABSlotsport (FF-030) 24,300 RPM/12v

BRM T-027 standard (FK-180) 23,800 RPM/12v

186 gcm/12v, 11.1W/12v

BRM T-RS (FK-180) 20,700 RPM/12v

192 gcm/12v, 9.9W/12v

BRM T-RS Evo (FK-180) 25,000 RPM/12v

325 gcm/12v, 20.3W/12v

BWA BWMS050 (FF-050) tested 14,145-14,702 RPM/12v

tested 63-71 gcm/12v, 2.4W/12v

BWA BWNC1 (FC-130) tested 13,832-14,315 RPM/12v

tested 110-115 gcm/12v, 3.9W/12v

Carrera E-100 (FC-130) tested 24,577-26,017 RPM/12v

[76 gcm/12v] 94 gcm/14.8v, 4.7W/12v

Carrera E-200, E-500 (FC-130) [21,081 RPM/12v] 26,000/14.8v, tested 18,058-20,6340 RPM/12v

[96 gcm/12v] 118 gcm/14.8v, 5.1W/12v

Carrera 1/32 Tuning (FC-130) 30,000 RPM/12v

Carrera F1, KTM X-Bow (FF-050) tested 24,872-25,095 RPM/12v

tested 112-115 gcm/12v, 7-7.1W/12v

Carrera 1/24 “gold” tested 9,500/12v

Carrera 1/24 "silver" [12,000 RPM/12v] 18,000 RPM/18v; tested 11,540-12,100 RPM/12v, tested 18,414-18,675 RPM/18v

Carrera 1/24 Tuning "silver" [16,000 RPM/12v] 24,000 RPM/18v; tested 16,048 RPM/12v, tested 24,496 RPM/18v

Cartrix TX1 (FC-130) 13,000 RPM/12v

65 gcm/12v, 2.1W/12v

Cartrix FX Sport (FC-130) 17,000 RPM/12v

120 gcm/12v, 5.1W/12v

Cartrix TX2 18,600 RPM/12v

Cartrix TX2.3 Speed (FK-180) [17,200 RPM/12v] 21,500 RPM/15v

[264 gcm/12v] 330gcm/15v, 11.4W/12v

Cartrix TX4 (FK-180) [16,000 RPM/12v] 20,000 RPM/15v

Cartrix TX5 Genius (FK-180) 22,500 RPM/12v, tested 23,460-25,536 RPM/12v

Cartrix Xperimental (FC-130) 20,000 RPM/12v

130 gcm/12v, 6.5W/12v

Cartrix TZ Race (FK-130) 26,000 RPM/12v

160 gcm/12v, 10.4W/12v

Cartrix SH Pro (FK-130) 30,000 RPM/12v, tested 27,267 RPM/12v

190 gcm/12v, 14.3W/12v

Colgate Motion toothbrush (FK-180) tested 20,240 RPM/12v

tested 317 gcm/12v, tested 16.0W/12v

EJ’s/Plafit Fox (FK-130) see listing under Plafit

Fly standard “black stripe, white endbell” (FC-130) 18,000 RPM/12v, tested 20,408-21,159 RPM/12v

est. 75-100 gcm/12v, est. 5W/12v

Fly "black endbell" (FC-130) tested 21,450-21,753 RPM/12v

tested 71-85 gcm/12v, 3.9-4.6W/12v

Fly F1 (FF-050) tested 19,475-19,623 RPM/12v by P. Kalbfell

Fly Rally 1 (FK-180) [14,595 RPM/12v] 18,000 RPM/14.8v, tested 14,960 RPM/12v

Fly Rally 2 (FK-180) [17,027 RM/12v] 21,000 RPM/14.8v

Fly Racing EVO-2 (FK-180) [17,820/12v] 22,000 RPM/14.8v, tested 17,353-17,764 RPM/12v

Fly "Fly Racing Components" Truck (FK-180) tested 15,401-15,412 RPM/12v

tested 194-203 gcm/12v, tested 7.5-7.8W/12v

Fly Racing (FK-130) 26,750 RPM/12v

Fly Daytona Prototype (FK-180) 18,000 RPM/12v; tested 18,575 RPM/12v

tested 294 gcm/12v, 13.7W/12v

Fly Racing SP Scorpion (FK-180) [17,820 RPM/12v] 22,000 RPM/14.8v

[219 gcm/12v] 270 gcm/14.8v, 9.8W/12v

Fly Slot "white endbell" (FC-130) tested 36,473 RPM/12v

Fly Slot (FK-180) 18,000 RPM/12v

“Green endbell” (FC-130) 24,000 RPM/12v, tested 20,200 RPM/12v

H&R Racing Lightning Motor 1 (FK-130) 40,000 RPM/12v; tested 41,495 CCW RPM/12v

H&R Racing Hawk Motor I (FC-130) 18,000 RPM/12v; tested 18,900-19,000 RPM/12v

tested 140 gcm/12v, 6.6W/12v

JK Falcon II (FK-130) 48,000 CCW RPM/12v

JK Falcon V (FK-130) 48,000+ RPM/12v

JK Falcon VII (FK-130) 40,000+ RPM/12v; tested 46,513 CW RPM/12v

tested 258 gcm/12v CW, tested 30W/12v

JP Slot (FK-180) [16,216 RPM/12v] 20,000 RPM/14.8v

[195 gcm/12v] 240 gcm/14.8v, 7.9W/12v

JWL/Jiada Sedan "black endbell" (FC-130) tested 23,805 RPM/12v

JWL/Jiada Blue 71 "black endbell" (FC-130) tested 30,525 RPM/12v

JWL/JJ Slot JWL-1 1/53 scale "white endbell" (FC-130) tested 15,605 RPM/12v

JWL/JJ Slot Super Bike "white endbell (FC-130) tested 23,338 RPM12v

JWL/JJ Slot 1/43 Car "red endbell" (FC 130) tested 23,294 RPM/12v

JWL/JJ Slot JWL-2 (SH-030) tested 25,123 RPM/12v

JWL/JJ Slot 1/32 Car "red endbell" (FC-130) tested 14,120 RPM/12v

JWL/JJ Slot 1/32 Car "yellow endbell" (FC-130) tested 13,932 RPM/12v

Mainline Hobbies Rush (FC-130) 36,000 RPM/12v, tested 36,600 RPM/12v

218 gcm/12v; tested 215 gcm/12v, 19.7W

Mainline Hobbies Rush new version (FC-130) 36,000 RPM/12v, tested 38,145 RPM/12v

193 gcm/12v, tested 257 gcm/12v, 24.5W/12v

MB Slot KRAHS 23 (FC-130) 23,955 RPM/12v

268 gcm/12v, 16.1W/12v

MB Slot GNIK 021 (FK-180) 21,066 RPM/12v

314 gcm/12v, 16.5W/12v

MB Slot GNIK 023 (FK-180) 24,000 RPM/12v

319 gcm/12v, 19.2W/12v

MB Slot DODO (FC-130) 23,000 RPM/12v, tested 24,400-26,200 RPM/12v by Torquemadaslot

316 gcm/12v, 20.7W/12v - high magnetic downforce

MB Slot Song NA (FK-180) 21,000 RPM/12v, tested 21,800 RPM/12v by Torquemadaslot

tested 280 gcm/12v, 15.3W/12v

Monogram; see Revell-Monogram (current issue) or see listing under Vintage

MRRC CS-2002 Clubman Special Supersport (FK-130) [19,500 RPM/12v] 26,000 RPM/16v

[53 gcm/12v] 70 gcm/16v, 2.6W/12v

MRRC CS-2003 Clubman Special Turbofire (FK-130) 32,000 RPM/12v

80 gcm/12v, 6.4W/12v

MRRC Red Can, see listing under Scaleauto SC06 "red"

MRRC Scaleauto motors, see Scaleauto

MRRC slim can (FF-050) tested 20,526-22,410 RPM/12v

tested 119-121 gcm/12v, tested 6.3-6.8W/12v

MSC Thunder (FK-180) 21,000 RPM/12v, tested 22,000 RPM/12v by Torquemadaslot

320 gcm/12v, tested 340gcm/12v by T., tested 18.7W/12v

Mura Group 20 Hi-Timed tested 27,800 RPM/4v [83,400 RPM/12v]

NINCO NK-1 Kart (SH-030) 14,000 RPM/12v, 19,400 RPM/18v

NINCO NC-1 (FC-130) [12,730 RPM/12v] 15,700 RPM/14.8v, tested 12,858-14,237 RPM/12v

[60 gcm/12v] 74 gcm/14.8v, 1.9W/12v, tested 77gcm/12v, tested 2.6W/12v

NINCO NC-8 (FK-130) [12,973 RPM/12v] 16,000/14.8v, tested 13,370/12v w/inductor, 13,635 w/o inductor

[71 gcm/12v] 87 gcm/14.8v, 2.3W/12v, tested 75 gcm/12v w/inductor, 84 gcm/12v w/o inductor

NINCO NC-9 (FK-130) [16,216 RPM/12v] 20,000 RPM/14.8v

[118 gcm/12v] 145 gcm/14.8v, 4.8W/12v

NINCO NC-11 (FK-130) [12,973 RPM/12v] 16,000 RPM/14.8v

[81 gcm/12v] 100 gcm/14.8v, 3.2W/12v

NINCO NC-2 “black label” (FK-180) [14,676 RPM/12v] 18,100 RPM/14.8v, tested 14,298- 14,750 RPM/12v

[213 gcm/12v] 263 gcm/14.8v, tested 212 gcm/12v, tested 7.8W/12v

NINCO NC-2 “red label” (FK-180) [14,676 RPM/12v] 18,100 RPM/14.8v, tested 15,809-16,465 RPM/12v, tested 20,868/14.8v

[213 gcm/12v] 263 gcm/14.8v, tested 238-243 gcm/12v, tested 9.4-10.0W/12v

NINCO NC-3 (FK-180) [17,108 RPM/12v] 21,100 RPM/14.8v

[264 gcm/12v] 326 gcm/14.8v, 11.3W/12v

NINCO NC-4 [25,135 RPM/12v] 31,000 RPM/14.8v

[183 gcm/12v] 226 gcm/14.8v, 11.5W/12v

NINCO NC-5 (FK-180) [16,216 RPM/12v] 20,000 RPM/14.8v, tested 20,930-21,638 RPM/14.8v

[235 gcm/12v] 290 gcm/14.8v, 9.6W/12v

NINCO NC-6 (FK-180) [19,054 RPM/12v] 23,500 RPM/14.8v, tested 19,189-20,130 RPM/12v

[284 gcm/12v] 350 gcm/14.8v, 13.5W/12v, tested 176 gcm/12v, 8.6W/12v

NINCO NC-7 (FK-180) [15,649 RPM/12v] 19,300 RPM/14.8v, tested 15,630 RPM/12v

[215 gcm/12v] 265 gcm/14.8v, 8.4W/12v

NINCO NC-10 (FK-180) [21,081 RPM/12v] 26,000 RPM/14.8v

[243 gcm/12v] 300 gcm/14.8v, 12.8W/12v

NINCO NC-12 (FK-180) [19,054 RPM/12v] 23,500 RPM/14.8v

[219 gcm/12v] 270 gcm/14.8v, 10.4W/12v

NINCO NC-14 (FK-180) [16,702 RPM/12v] 20,600 RPM/14.8v

[227 gcm/12v] 280 gcm/14.8v, 9.5W/12v

NINCO 1/28 XLOT XL-1 (FK-130) [20,878 RPM/12v] 25,750 RPM/14.8v

[235 gcm/12v] 290 gcm/14.8v, tested CCW 267 gcm/12v, 12.3-14W/12v

Nomad Racing FK ETC. (FK-130) CCW 55,000 RPM/12v
Nomad Racing Pit Bull (FK-180) CCW 48,000 RPM/12v

NSR Shark (FC-130) 20,000 RPM/12v

164 gcm/12v, 8.2W/12v

NSR Shark (FC-130) 22,400 RPM/12v, tested 21,100 RPM/12v by Torquemadaslot

168 gcm/12v, tested 155 gcm/12v by T, 9.2W/12v, tested 8.2W/12v by T.

NSR Shark (FC-130) 25,000 RPM/12v

176 gcm/12v, 11.0W/12v

NSR Shark (FC-130) 30,000 RPM/12v

210 gcm/12v, 15.8W/12v

NSR Shark (FC-130) 40,000 RPM

210 gcm/12v, 21.0W/12v

NSR King (FK-180) 16,800 RPM/12v, tested 16,200 RPM/12v

211 gcm/12v, 8.9W/12v, tested 192 gcm/12v, tested 7.8W/12v

NSR King (FK-180) 21,400 RPM/12v; tested 21,404 RPM/12v

270 gcm/12v, 14.4W/12v

NSR King 21 Evo 2 (FK-180) 21,400 RPM/12v, tested 22,850 RPM/12v by Torquemadaslot

322 gcm/12v, 16.8W/12v; tested 292 gcm/12v, tested 16.7W/12v by T.

NSR King (FK-180) 25,000 RPM/12v

270 gcm/12v, 16.9W/12v

NSR King (FK-180) 30,000 RPM/12v

310 gcm/12v, 23.3W/12v

NSR King (FK-180) 38,500 RPM/12v

310 gcm/12v, 29.8W/12v

NSR King (FK-180) 46,000 RPM/12v

310 gcm/12v, 35.7W/12v

Parma 458 Homeset-Transformer (16D) tested 18,360 RPM/12v

Parma Death Star (16D) tested 38,042 RPM/12v

Parma Super 16D tested 50,766 RPM/12v,

tested 202 gcm/12v, tested 25.6W/12v

Patto's Little Ripper (FK-130) 37,000 RPM/12v

Pink-Kar Type 1 (SH-030) 19,700/12v, 24,800 RPM/18v

Pink-Kar Power Plus 1 (FC-130) 13,100 RPM/12v

Pink-Kar Competi Power Plus 3 (FK-180) [17,432 RPM/12v] 21,500 RPM/14.8v

[264 gcm/12v] 326 gcm/14.8v, 11.5W/12v

Pioneer Cyclone 15,000 RPM/12v

Pioneer Hurricane (FF-050) 21,000 RPM/12v

Pioneer Typhoon (FC-130) 15,000 RPM/12v

Pioneer Typhoon (FC-130) 18,000 RPM/12v, tested 18,967 RPM/12v

tested 131 gcm/12v, tested 6.2W/12v

Pioneer Typhoon (FC-130) 21,300 RPM/12v

150 gcm/12v

Pittman; see listing under Vintage

Plafit Rabbit (FC-130) 24,000 RPM/12v (21,800 RPM/12v per Prof. Motor)

.5A, (100 gcm/12v per Prof Motor, 5.5W/12v)

Plafit Pointer (FK-130) 21,700 RPM/12v per Prof. Motor

112 gcm/12v per Prof. Motor, 6.1W/12v

Plafit Fox (FK-130) 25,000 RPM/12v; tested 26,500/12v


Plafit Fox II (FK-130) 27,000 RPM/12v, tested 26,866 RPM/12v

.7A, tested 208 gcm/12v, tested 14.0W/12v

Plafit Cheetah closed can (FK-130) 30,000 RPM/12v


Plafit Cheetah II open can (FK-130) 35,000 RPM/12v (36,000 RPM/12v per Prof. Motor)

.9A (250 gcm/12v per Prof. Motor, 22.5W/12v)

PN Racing Misuwa (FC-130) 27,810 RPM/12v

PN Racing Nasaka (FC-130) 21,660 RPM/12v, 27,450 RPM/14.8v; tested 22,502 RPM/12v

tested 196 gcm/12v, tested 11.0W/12v

~50 gr magnetic downforce (Magnet Marshal @ .042" ground clearance)

Power Slot Nissan (FK-180) [21,429 RPM/12v] 25,000 RPM/14v

Power Slot PS-1 (FK-180) [19,054 RPM/12v] 23,500 RPM/14.8v

Power Slot PS-2 (FF-050) 13,000 RPM/12v

Power Slot PS-3 (?) [21,429 RPM/12v] 25,000/14v

Professor Motor Hot Rod Pro “orange endbell” (FC-130) 26,000 RPM/12v, tested 27,000- 28,607 RPM/12v

105 gcm/12v, 6.9W/12v

Professor Motor Fox 10 (FK-130) 25,000 RPM/12v

204 gcm/12v, 12.8W/12v

Pro Slot Evo 1 “blue label” (FC-130) 18,000 RPM/12v

Pro Slot Evo 2 “gold label” (FC-130) 21,500 RPM/12v, tested 20,527-22,443 RPM/12v

80 gcm/12v, 4.3W/12v

Pro Slot Evo 3 “red label” (FC-130) 26,000 RPM/12v

100 gcm/12v, 6.5W/12v

Pro Slot Evo 4 (FK-130) 30,000 RPM/12v, tested 26,000/12v

Pro Slot Euro Mk1 (FC-130) 26,100+ RPM/12v tested 27, 616 RPM/12v CW

155 gcm/12v, 10.1W/12v tested 184 gcm/12v CW, tested 12.7W/12v

Pro Slot Euro Mk1 (FC-130) 37,000+ RPM/12v

165 gcm/12v, 15.3W/12v

Pro Slot Euro Mk1 (FC-130) 47,000+ RPM/12v

155 gcm/12v, 18.3W/12v

Radio Shack 6v (FF-030) tested 29,326 RPM/12v,

tested 46 gcm/12v, tested 3.4W/12v

Radio Shack 7.5v (FF-030) tested 31,674 RPM/12v,

tested 42 gcm/12v, tested 3.3W/12v

Radio Shack 9v (FF-030) tested 29,849 RPM/12v,

tested 48 gcm/12v, tested 3.6W/12v

Ranch Design GM14955 (SH-030) tested 27,932 RPM/12v

Ranch Design GM9330 (FF-050) tested 39,312 RPM/12v

tested 105 gcm/12v, 10.1W

Revell-Monogram standard (FC-130) tested 20,800-24,579/12v

Revell-Monogram High Performance (FC-130) tested 26,000 RPM/12v

Revell-Monogram slim can (FF-050) tested 18,836-20,244 RPM/12v

tested 130-131 gcm/12v, tested 6.3-6.4W/12v

Revell-Pittman; see Pittman listing under Vintage

Scaleauto SC01 fits Carrera 1/24 [12,000 RPM/12v] 18,000 RPM/18v

Scaleauto SC02 [12,000/12v] 18,000 RPM/18v

Scaleauto SC04 “red” (FK-180) 29,000 RPM/12v

360 gcm/12v, 26.1W/12v

Scaleauto SC04 new version "red" (FK-180) 33,000 RPM/12v

360 gcm/12v, 29.7W

Scaleauto SC05 “red” (FK-130) 30,000 RPM/12v

280 gcm/12v, 21.0W/12v

Scaleauto SC05 new version "red" (FK-130) 38,000 RPM/12v

280 gcm/12v, 26.6W

Scaleauto/MRRC SC06 “red” (FC-130) 28,000 RPM/12v, tested 29,000-34,268 RPM/12v

180 gcm/12v, 12.6W/12v

Scaleauto SC06 new version "red" (FC-130) 30,000 RPM/12v

160 gcm/12v, 12W/12v

Scaleauto SC07 “red” (FC-130) 35,000 RPM/12v

190 gcm/12v, 16.6W/12v

Scaleauto SC07 new version "red" (FC-130) 36,000 RPM/12v

190 gcm/12v, 17.1W/12v

Scaleauto SC08 Tech-1 “silver” (FC-130) 19,900 RPM/12v

80 gcm/12v, 4.0W/12v

Scaleauto SC08 new version Tech-1 "silver" (FC-130) 20,000 RPM/12v, tested 24,636 RPM/12v

170 gcm/12v, 8.5W/12v, tested 174 gcm/12v, tested 10.7W/12v

Scaleauto SC09 Tech-2 “yellow” (FC-130) 25,000 RPM/12v

90 gcm/12v, 5.6W/12v

Scaleauto new version Tech-1 "yellow" (FC-130) 25,000 RPM/12v

170 gcm/12v, 10.6W/12v

Scaleauto SC10 Tech-3 “black” (FC-130) 29,900 RPM/12v

100 gcm/12v, 7.5W/12v

Scaleauto SC10 new version Tech-3 "black" (FC-130) 30,000 RPM/12v

185 gcm/12v, 9.3W/12v

Scaleauto SC11 Tech-1 “silver” (FK-180) 20,000 RPM/12v

180 gcm/12v, 9.0W/12v

Scaeauto SC11 new version Tech-1 "silver" (FK-180) 20,000 RPM/12v

260 gcm/12v, 13.0W/12v

Scaleauto SC12 Tech-2 “yellow” (FK-180) 25,000 RPM/12v

200 gcm/12v, 12.5W/12v

Scaleauto SC12 new version Tech-2 "yellow" (FK-180) 25,000 RPM/12v

280 gcm/12v, 17.5W/12v

Scaleauto SC13 Tech-3 “black” (FK-180) 29,900 RPM/12v

220 gcm/12v, 16.4W/12v

Scaleauto SC13 new version Tech-3 "black" (FK-180) 30,000 RPM/12v

330 gcm/12v, 24.8W/12v

Scaleauto SC0025 21,000 RPM/12v "gray" (FK-180)

320 gcm/12v, 16.8W/12v

Scaleauto SC14 Tech-1 “silver” (FK-130) 20,000 RPM/12v

220 gcm/12v, 11.0W/12v

Scaleauto SC14 new version Tech-1 "silver" (FK-130) 20,000 RPM/12v

170 gcm/12v, 8.5W/12v

Scaleauto SC15 Tech-2 “yellow” (FK-130) 25,000 RPM/12v

230 gcm/12v, 14.4W/12v

Scaleauto SC16 Tech-3 “black” (FK-130) 30,000 RPM/12v

260 gcm/12v, 19.5W/12v

Scaleauto SC17 Tech-1 "silver" (FF-050) 20,000 RPM/12v; tested 21,124-21,405 RPM/12v

70 gcm/12v, tested 108 gcm/12v, 3.5W/12v, tested 5.7W/12v

Scaleauto SC18 Tech-2 "yellow" (FF-050) 25,000 RPM/12v, tested 25,681-26,108 RPM/12v

90 gcm/12v, 5.6W/12, tested 117-122 gcm/12v, tested 7.7W/12v

Scaleauto SC19 Tech-3 "black" (FF-050) 30,000 RPM/12v, tested 31,417-31,561 RPM/12v

100 gcm/12v, tested 154-157 gcm/12v, 7.5W/12v, tested 12.1-12.3W/12v

Scaleauto SC22 Outlaw "red" (FF-050) 38,000 RPM/12v, tested 39,056 RPM/12v

120 gcm/12v, tested 157 gcm/12v; 11.4W/12v, tested 15.3W/12v

Scaleauto SC23 Home Set "white" (FF-050) 10,000 RPM/12v; tested 10,344 RPM/12v

45 gcm/12v, 1.1W/12v

Scaleauto SC24 Home Set "white" (FC-130) 10,000 RPM/12v; tested 10,203 RPM/12v

100 gcm/12v, 2.5W/12v

Scaleauto SC20 Ball Bearing "blue" (FC-130) 20,000 RPM/12v; tested 23,147-24,351 RPM/12v

170 gcm/12v; tested 151 gcm/12v, tested 8.7W/12v

Scaleauto SC21 Ball Bearing "blue" (FK-180) 20,000 RPM/12v; tested 21,669 RPM/12v

250 gcm/12v; tested 294 gcm/12v, tested 15.9W/12v

Scalextric standard “black stripe”, Sport (FC-130) 18,000 RPM/12v; tested 20,577-22,300 RPM/12v

tested 99-104 gcm/12v, tested 5.3W/12v

Scalextric Protec (FK-130) tested 26,227 RPM/12v

Scalextric Moto Bike (FF-050) 18,000 RPM/12v, tested 22,731 RPM/12v

tested 139 gcm/12v, tested 7.9W/12v

Scalextric F1 (FF-050) 18,000 RPM/12v, tested 22,861 RPM/12v

tested 147 gcm/12v, tested 8.3W/12v

Scalextric Sport Plus “red” (FF-050) 20,000 RPM/12v; tested 21,168-22,500/12v

tested 144 gcm/12v, tested 7.6W/12v

Scalextric Sport Plus “green” (FF-050) 25,000 RPM/12v

Scalextric Sport Plus “black” (FF-050) 30,000 RPM/12v; tested 31,000 RPM/12v

Scalextric Sport Plus “yellow” (FC-130) 20,000 RPM/12v; tested 23,400-24,837 RPM/12v

Scalextric Sport Plus “orange” (FC-130) 25,000 RPM/12v

Scalextric Sport Plus “blue” (FC-130) 30,000 RPM/12v

Scalextric Mini prototype (FF-050) 15,000 RPM/10v [18,000 RPM/12v]

SCX RX Vintage (open frame, single magnet) tested 19,509 RPM/12v

SCX RX-4 16,400 RPM/12v; tested 13,367 RPM/12v

SCX RX-41 16,400 RPM/12v; tested 14,378 RPM/12v

SCX F1 16,400 RPM/12v; tested 13,500-15,390 RPM/12v, tested 77 gcm/12v, 2.8W/12v

SCX RX-42 16,400 RPM/12v; tested 14,971-15,400 RPM/12v

SCX RX6B (was RX6) 18,000 RPM/12v

SCX RX-81B 18,000 RPM/12v; tested 17,184 RPM/12v

SCX RX-42B 18,000 RPM/12v; tested 17,927-18,900 RPM/12v

tested 130 gcm/12v, tested 5.8W/12v

SCX RX-41B 18,000 RPM/12v; tested 18,256 RPM/12v

SCX Pro Turbo 18,000 RPM/12v; tested 20,100 RPM/12v

SCX Pro Turbo Plus 19,000 RPM/12v; tested 20,340 RPM/12v

SCX RX-62C 19,000 RPM/12v; tested 18,540-20,622 RPM/12v

SCX RX-91; tested 20,533 RPM/12v

SCX Pro Speed Double Rally 19,100 RPM/12v

135 gcm/12v, 6.4W/12v

SCX Pro Speed 19,600 RPM/12v; tested 18,800-20,717 RPM/12v

140 gcm/12v; tested 123 gcm/12v, tested 6.4W/12v

SCX Pro RX-4H 25,000 RPM/12v; tested 27,282 RPM/12v

SCX RX-42E Club Porsche tested 20,750 RPM/12v. Same armature as Pro Speed.

SCX Compact 1/43 (FF-030) 22,000 RPM/12v

33 gcm/12v, 1.8W/12v

SCX motors, all, detailed discussion and photos:


Slick 7 Mini Motor (FK-130) 40,000+ RPM/12v

Slot Car Express Fyrebox-1 (SH-030) tested 38,582-41,542 RPM/12v

tested 69-72 gcm/12v, tested 6.7-7.5W/12v

Slot Car Heroes F1 (FF-050), tested 36,500-39,312 RPM/12v

tested 105 gcm/12v, tested 10.1W/12v

Slot Car Heroes SS10 (FC-130) 33,000 RPM/12v

94 gcm/12v, 8.7W/12v

Sloter “black stripe” (FC-130) tested 22,304 RPM/12v

est. 75 gcm/12v, est 3.9W/12v

Sloting Plus Rally-1 (FK-180) 18,000 RPM/12v

230 gcm/12v, 10.4W/12v

Sloting Plus Speed-1 (FK-180) 21,000 RPM/12v

210 gcm/12v, 11.0W/12v

Sloting Plus Speed 2 (FK-180) 21,000 RPM/12v; tested 22,000 RPM/12v by Torquemadaslot

320 gcm/12v, 16.8W/12v; tested 290 gcm/12v by Torquemadaslot; tested 16.0W/12v

Slot.It V12/2 “black” (FC-130) 23,000 RPM/12v; tested 19,499-24,607 RPM/12v

83 gcm/12v, 4.8W/12v, tested 125-147 gcm/12v

Slot.It V12/1c “silver” (FC-130) 25,000 RPM/12v; tested 25,163-28,098 RPM/12v

135 gcm/12v, 8.4W/12v

Slot.It V12/2 “silver” (FC-130) 26,000 RPM/12v

135 gcm/12v, 8.8W/12v

Slot.It V12/2b “silver” (FC-130) 25,000 RPM/12v, tested 20,746-26,164 RPM/12v

122 gcm/12v, 7.6W/12v

Slot.It V12/2 “gold” (FC-130) 29,000 RPM/12v; tested 30,027-31,651 RPM/12v

105 gcm/12v, 7.6W/12v

Slot.It V12/3 “orange endbell” (FC-130) 21,500 RPM/12v; tested 22,500-23,766 RPM/12v

170 gcm/12v, 9.1W/12v

Slot.It V12/3 “yellow endbell” (FC-130) 25,000 RPM/12v; tested 27,431-29,590 RPM/12v

180 gcm/12v, 11.3W/12v

Slot.It V12/3 "red endbell" (FC-130) 29,000 RPM/12v; tested 30,660-32,392 RPM/12v

160 gcm/12v, 11.6W/12v; tested 216-240 gcm/12v; tested 16.7-18.1W/12v

Slot.It V12/3 "blue/teal endbell" (FC-130) 19,500 RPM/12v, tested 19,232-21,025 RPM/12v

130 gcm/12v, tested 150 gcm/12v, tested 6.3W/12v

Slot.It V12/2 Boxer 17 (FK-180) 17,000 RPM/12v, 20,967/14.8v

221 gcm/12v, 336 gcm 14.8v, 9.4W/12v

Slot.It V12/2 Boxer 24 (FK-180) 24,000 RPM/12v, 29,600/14.8v; tested 21,274-22,800 RPM/12v

135 gcm/12v, 205 gcm/14.8v, 8.1W/12v

Slot.It Boxer/2 “blue” (FK-180) 16,000 RPM/12v

290 gcm/12v, 11.6W/12v

Slot.It Boxer/2 “orange” (FK-180) 20,000 (early) 21,500 (later) RPM/12v; tested 21,127 RPM/12v (open can), 19,966 RPM/12v (closed can)

340 gcm/12v, 18.3W/12v

Slot.It Flat-6 20,500 RPM/12v

200 gcm/12v - 10g mag downforce, 10.3W/12v

Slot.It Flat-6R 22,000 RPM/12v, tested 22,523 RPM/12v

220 gcm/12v - 22-24g mag downforce, 12.1W/12v

Slot.It Flat-6R 22,000 RPM/12v

220 gcm/12v - 6g mag downforce, 12.1W/12v

Spirit Ferrari 512M, Lola B2K (FC-130) 20,000 RPM/12v

Spirit Reynard, Dallara; earlier production (FC-130) 26,000 RPM/12v, tested 28,101 RPM/12v

Spirit 5X-03 (FK-130) 26,000 RPM/12v

Spirit SX01 (FC-130) 24,000 RPM/12v

Spirit SX03 (FK-180) 18,750 RPM/12v, 23,010 RPM/14.8v, 14g mag downforce

Spirit S3X (FK-180) 24,000 RPM/12v(?); tested 19,725-19,814 RPM/12v, 26,163 RPM/15v

Spirit S3X (unmarked) in Peugeot 406 (FK-180) tested 20,581 RPM/12v

Spirit SxXx (FK-180) 20,640 RPM/12v, 25,380 RM/14.8v, 57g mag downforce

[106 gcm/12v] 131 gcm/14.8v. Tested 20,745 RPM/12v, tested 329 gcm/12v, tested 17.1W/12v

Spirit LeMans (FK-180) [19,459 RPM/12v] 24,00 RPM/14.8v, tested 20,926 RPM/12v,

tested 280 gcm/12v, tested 14.6W/12v

Team Slot TS-6 (FC-130) tested 20,600 RPM/12v

Team Slot TS-9 (FK-180) tested 18,400 RPM/12v

Team Slot TS-11 (FK-180) (21,429 RPM/12v) 25,000 RPM/14v

(249 gcm/12v) 290 gcm/14v

TSRF “nickel” (FK-130) tested 36,500 CCW (36,700 CW) RPM/12v

TSR D3 (FK-130) 45,000 RPM/12v tested 47,590 CCW RPM/12v

120 gcm/12v, 13.5W/12v tested 271 gcm/12v CCW, tested 32.2W/12v

Vanquish MG no label (FK-180) tested 15,234 RPM/12v

tested 166 gcm/12v, 6.3W/12v

Vanquish MG "FK-180SH KD103310" (FK-180) tested 17,944 RPM/12v

tested 195 gcm/12v, 8.7W/12v

Vintage motors:

Link to excellent vintage motor site:


Vintage open frame, single magnet motors:

Pittman Bilet DC-63M tested 13,600 RPM/12v

Pittman DC-195A 20,000 RPM/12v; tested 22,751 RPM/12v

45 gcm/12v, 2.3W/12v

Pittman DC-196A 21,000 RPM/12v

45 gcm/12v, 2.4W/12v

Pittman DC-196B 28,000 RPM/12v, tested 26,066-28,031 RPM/12v

Revell Pittman RP-66A tested 21,680 RPM/12v

Revell Pittman RP-77 tested 19,125 RPM/12v

Pittman DC-70 16,500 RPM/12v

85 gcm/12v, 3.5W/12v

Pittman DC-70-6v tested 24,675 RPM/12v

Pittman DC-65A (laminated frame) 17,000 RPM/12v

75 gcm/12v, 3.2W/12v

Pittman DC-65A-6v (laminated frame) tested 32,500 RPM/12v

Pittman DC-85A (laminated frame) 11,500 RPM/12v

259 gcm/12v, 7.4W/12v

Pittman DC-85A-6v (laminated frame) tested 25,354 RPM/12v

Strombecker/Allstate 8,500 RPM/12v

17 gcm/12v, 0.4W/12v

Strombecker Scuttler 12v 22,000 RPM/12v

Strombecker Scuttler 6v tested 35,250 RPM/12v

Tyco 902 12v Inline 24,000 RPM/12v, tested 18,000-23,200 RPM/12v

36 gcm/12v, 2.2W/12v

Tyco 901 6v Inline 30,000 RPM/12v; tested 24,088 RPM/12v with extra field magnets

Tyco 952 12v Sidewinder 18,500 RPM/12v

Tyco 951 6v Sidewinder 25,500 RPM/12v

Vintage can motors:

Russkit 22 (FT-16) 22,500 RPM/12v

62 gcm/12v, 3.5W/12v

Revell SP-500 (FT-16) est. 18,000-20,000 RPM/12v

Revell SP-510X (FT-16) 27,500 RPM/12v

Monogram X-100 (FT-16) est. 20,000 RPM/12v

Cox TTX-150 (FT-16D) 36,000 RPM/12v

Revell SP-80 (FT-16D) 37,500 RPM/12v

Monogram X-110 (FT-16D) 40,000 RPM/12v

Revell SP-600 (FT-36) 20,000 RPM/12v

Russkit 33 (FT-36) 24,000 RPM/12v

Revell SP90 (FT-36D) 28,000 RPM/12v

144 gcm/12v, 10.1W/12v

AMT "purple" (FT-36D) tested 24,587 RPM/12v

Monogram X-88 (FT-13D) 40,000 RPM/12v

Revell SP40 (FT-13D) 30,000 RPM/12v

50 gcm/12v, 3.8W/12v

Kemtron Bullet (FT-13D) 30,000 RPM/12v, tested 35,928 RPM/12v

50 gcm/12v, 3.8W/12v


Dates of changes to the list during 2009.

12/26/09: NINCO NC2 black and red label, RPM and torque tested.

12/21/09: Three Radio Shack small motors RPM and torque tested.

12/14/09: Scaleauto new-version SC08 20k motor RPM and torque tested.

12/13/09: Avant Slot motors updated according to Avant Slot catalog.

12/12/09: Scalextric standard, black stripe motor torque tested, two samples.

11/20/09: H&R Racing Lightning RPM tested.

11/19/09: All test results for torque and RPM highlighted in red.

11/13/09: Fly truck motor, Scalextric Moto Bike slim RPM and torque tested.

11/11/09: Torque tests for Scalextric slim red can, F1 slim; Scaleauto slim silver, slim red, slim black; Revell-Monogram slim; MRRC slim.

11/8/09: Ninco XLOT-1 torque tested.

10/7/09: MB Slot Song NA long can RPM and torque tests from Torquemadaslot.

9/24/09: Avant Slot Wizard RPM and torque tests from Torquemadaslot.

9/22/09: Scaleauto SCO8 new version RPM and torque added.

9/5/09: Plafit Rabbit, Pointer, Cheetah II RPM and torque from Professor Motor added.

8/25/09: JP Slot long can added.

8/13/09: BWA NC1-spec standard can RPM and torque tested.

7/27/09: Mainline Hobbies Rush 36k (new version) RPM and torque tested.

7/14/09: Fly black endbell RPM and torque tested (second sample).

7/4/09: Scaleauto slim can 25k, PN Racing Nasaka, Plafit Fox II RPM and torque tested.

7/1/09: MRRC Porsche 910 slim can RPM tested.

5/21/09: Pioneer motors added.

5/14/09: MB Slot Dodo tests by Torquemadaslot.

5/6/09: Nomad Racing FK ETC. and Pit Bull RPM added.

4/17/09: More Avant Slot, MRRC Clubman motors, from www.criccrac.es

3/30/09: BWA NC1-spec standard can added.

3/21/09: Fly black endbell (FC-130) RPM and torque tested.

3/16/09: Pink Kar Power Plus 1 RPM from Racebaan added.

3/8/09: Spirit LeMans long can RPM and torque tested.

3/7/09: Spirit SxXx long can RPM and torque tested.

2/28/09: Slot.It Boxer 2 RPM and wattage revision.

2/23/09: Spirit SxXx torque added. Another RX-42B RPM test (18.9k/12v).

2/6/09: Ninco NC9 "Sparker" and 1/28 XLOT motor added.

1/28/09: Ninco NC10 "Exceeder" added.

1/9/09: BWA FF-050, Ninco NC1, NC8, Slot.It black can RPM and torque tested. Three more Avant Slot motors added.

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